358 People Set Twerking World Record & We Were There (VIDEO)

twerking competition

By now, we've all surely heard about twerking. We've seen Miley Cyrus twerk. We've seen pregnant women twerk. And oh man did we drool over the Navy sailor twerking. Well yesterday 358 people gathered together in New York City's Herald Square along with FUSE and New Orleans musician Big Freedia to set the Guinness World Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously. Seriously.

In order to set it, the Guinness official revealed that a minimum of 250 twerkers needed to be present, and they had to booty bounce for a full two minutes straight. The good news? They set the record! The better news? We were there with a camera.

Watch 358 people twerking simultaneously on The Daily Stir. Go on, you know you want to.


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So, can you twerk?


Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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