8 Most Notorious Celebrity Nip Slips of All Time (PHOTOS)

Tina FeyCelebrity wardrobe malfunctions. In essence, they're fabulous. Not because these stars are showing a little too much in public, but because, as an average Joe, it's nice to remember that even the biggest A-listers have an oopsie now and again. Arguably the most cringe-worthy wardrobe malfunction to watch? The infamous nip slip.

Tina Fey, she knows how it is. Tina Fey's nip slip at last weekend's Emmy Awards made some major headlines. And I'm here to say it's OK Tina, it really does happen to the best of 'em. 

Here, I'll prove it to you. Let's take a look at 8 famous celebrity nip slips and where they fall on our embarrassment meter:


Which nip slip do you think is the most embarrassing?

Image via Splash News