Bono’s Bill Clinton Impersonation Has to Be Seen to Be Believed (VIDEO)

bono bill clinton impression

Apparently this was the highlight of this week's Clinton Global Initiative conference: Bono did a spot-on imitation of former President Bill Clinton. Without even removing his sunglasses, Bono dropped his brogue and pulled out a raspy Southern drawl that sounded exactly like the silver fox. Naturally, he told the story of the first time the two men met each other. It's not just the accent and the crackly voice, he gets Bill's folksy phrasing and hand gestures. I swear, if you were only listening and not watching, you would think it was Bill. Nailed it, Bono! There's just one thing he missed ...


Bono forgot the classic Clinton lower lip bite. No Bill Clinton impersonation is complete without that pause, self-deprecating/congratulatory grin, and lip bite. He does that just so you can swoon over his sincerity. It's a courtesy Clinton extends to his fans. Maybe Bono doesn't have the out-sized ego to pull that one off.

Anyway, yes, Bill, you are really easy to make fun of. In fact, I can do a pretty good imitation myself (lip bite). Let's see if we can get a quick video here from the CafeMom Studios team of me doing a Clinton impersonation ... Oh, no, they're telling me they're too busy making videos people actually want to see. Okay, never mind then.

Let's watch this instead: Bill Clinton imitating Bono.

He tries, but Bill is so deeply himself, he can't quite pull it off. Nice touch with the sunglasses, though. I've actually been in the same room as Bill Clinton, and he does have a huge, magnetic presence. No wonder the guy became president. Like him or not, he's an original.

What do you think of Bono's Bill Clinton impersonation?


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