Kate Middleton Could Take What Princess Diana Started in a Whole New Direction

kate middletonNow that she's officially both a Duchess and a mom, the world wants to know what Kate Middleton is going to be doing besides the occasional royal duty or accompanying her husband Prince William on his royal duties. While she could probably make a whole career out of being the most beloved, watched, well-dressed royal in the world, that's not quite what the Palace has in mind.

In fact, informal discussion with advisors to the Royal Family have concluded that the Duchess of Cambridge's popularity almost demands that she be given a role outside of any official duties, the Daily Mail reports. So what might that be?


It's not quite definitive just yet, but the advisors believe Kate should look up to Melinda Gates, Bill Gates' wife and a world-renowned philanthropist known for her work on the Gates Foundation.

One of the insiders apparently elaborated that while of course they realize Kate is also a new mom and has different priorities for the time being, ultimately, they want her to consider moving in a direction that resembles Melinda Gates' and also her late mother-in-law Princess Diana's careers:

In many ways, the Princess of Wales was pioneering this approach in the year before her death. She had dispensed with the normal protocols of royalty and was embracing a few key charities, but her private life overshadowed everything she did. ... There are no such worries for Kate and it is how Melinda Gates, who plays such a key part in the Gates Foundation, operates that we believe offers an instructive path for the Duchess. She could be a remarkable focus for global charity.

Sounds fantastic! Like what we've been waiting to hear. After all, it bears noting that there has been some griping about how Kate hasn't branched out beyond the handful of charities she initially took on, but of course she's had a LOT on her plate lately! But it sounds like whenever the time is right, she'll have a renewed focus -- and clear path to take -- to strike out on her own as an active, influential philanthropist, much like Melinda Gates.

It's also heartening to hear that she could follow in Diana's footsteps -- hopefully sans the glaring spotlight, drama, and sadness the late Princess had to endure while making a difference on the world stage.

What do you think about the direction Kate is being encouraged to take her career in?

Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

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