Tina Fey's Titillating 'SNL' Preview Spoofs Her Emmy Wardrobe Mishap (VIDEO)

Tina FeyIf you haven't yet heard, the Internet went kind of crazy over a very innocent nip slip during the Emmys thanks to a casual shrug from the wonderful, glorious, brilliant Tina Fey. Everyone would rather talk about that 0.2 seconds of a wardrobe malfunction than the fact that she won an extremely coveted Emmy award for Best Comedy Writing. Come on, priorities, people!

Well, you know Tina would have to respond in her unique, amazing way, and respond she did. Hyping up her already hype-able return as a host to Saturday Night Live, she came out with a promo that would put all these nip-slip-obsessed sickos to shame.

She and Kenan Thompson, who's been a cast member on the show for over a decade, pokes fun at everything from Breaking Bad to sex 'n' numbers to her now infamous wardrobe malfunction during her SNL preview. Of course, she can do no wrong.


Check it out:

Wow, as someone who hasn't tuned in to SNL for ages, this could be the episode to watch. Just imagine all the material Tina has to work with coming out of the Entertainment World. Not only have we already seen her with her top off, we could hear her take on Breaking Bad, Miley Cyrus, even the disappointing series finale of Dexter! Maybe next time she'll actually wear a shirt under her blazer? Though with that flat stomach, I don't hear anyone complaining. Let's just say I really, really hope I look like her when I'm 43.

Speaking of her flashing the camera and Kenan Thompson, what a hilarious, refreshing way to make fun of all the ridiculousness surrounding that insignificant nip slip. Only Tina would have the gall and creativity to laugh at herself like this. Kudos to her and can't wait to see her during the premiere!

Will you tune in to watch Tina Fey host Saturday Night Live?


Image via NBC/YouTube

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