Farrah Abraham’s Latest Book Idea Gives Us Face-Palm

farrah selfieFarrah Abraham seems to be on top of the world right now -- the adult entertainment world, that is. She has joined the ranks of D-list celebs whose flagging, vaguely defined careers got a turbo boost thanks to their willingness to bare all and screw with enthusiasm on camera. Farrah has just barely gotten started exploiting the dark, loamy potential of this field -- and yet, it seems she's already biting the hand that feeds. Farrah says she's writing a book about the adult entertainment industry. And it doesn't sound like it's going to be a romance novel.


Put the industry on blast? Already? I can believe that the world of adult entertainment is hella misogynist and exploitative. Did no one warn Farrah? I know she likes to talk about how liberating her experience has been. And I am 110 percent behind the idea of women owning their sexuality and doing our thang, whatever it is. #WomenStayStrong! But this seems just a wee bit naive ...

Wasn't she already writing a novel to rival Fifty Shades, anyway? I wonder if she's changed the focus -- maybe it's a novel about a young reality TV star's shocking (SHOCKING!) exploits in the adult entertainment industry. "OMG, can you believe they make you give the producer a blow job before he'll agree to do your movie???"

Focus, Farrah. FOCUS! You're kind of getting all over the place here. The restaurant, the book (books?), the sex toys, the whatever-else-you're-up-to. Are you looking at the big picture? What's your career game plan, anyway? If you alienate yourself from the adult entertainment industry, better have a back-up plan for what else you can do.

What do you think Farrah is really up to now?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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