Olivia Newton-John Had Her Mansion Exorcised But Who's Gonna Buy It Now?!

olivia newton johnI don't know Olivia Newton-John personally (though I did sort of see her in concert once, if one song performed on a rainy stage outside Today studios counts), but I know this much about the 64-year-old former Grease star: Girlfriend is probably a big fan of Celebrity Ghost Stories, not to mention A Haunting and Ghost Hunters, 'cause guess what she's decided to do with her $5.6 million mansion where a construction worker recently committed suicide? Have it exorcised, of course. That's right! See, Newton-John was trying to sell the sprawling estate when the contractor died, and apparently the tragic (potentially spooky) event started turning away potential buyers, including one Ms. Rosie O'Donnell.  


So the perpetually blonde singer reportedly called in a Catholic priest to rid the home of any tortured souls. And you know what? Crazy as that may sound, I can't say I blame her! I mean, on the scale of "how likely your house is to be haunted," everybody knows that living in a home where a suicide or murder took place is just one small step below living in a home that was built on a Native American burial ground. Yikes! Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Unfortunately, all the holy water in the Vatican might not be enough to lure O'Donnell back -- or any other buyers, for that matter. Because even though Newton-John has knocked $320,000 off her asking price in addition to having the exorcism done, ain't nobody knocking at her door. As one real estate agent put it:

Unfortunately there is a grim notoriety to the house and people are put off by that. Whoever buys the home will always know that someone blew their brains out in there. It is not the nicest housewarming present.

Well, at least the place should be spook-free now if Olivia Newton-John gets stuck with it. If, however, the exorcism didn't take, I have a suggestion: Newton-John should simply play that wretched Christmas album she made with John Travolta last year over and over and over. That sh*t will drive any demon away!

Do you think Olivia Newton-John will be able to sell her house?



Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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