Kim Kardashian Shows Off Major Cleavage in a Sexy Green Jumpsuit (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianDamn. Looks like somebody is officially starting to get her "mom" sexy back. Kim Kardashian showed off some serious cleavage in this olive green jumpsuit, which also highlights just how much baby weight she's dropped since little North West's arrival.

Even though most of her body is still fairly covered up in this outfit, it's clear that Kim is slowly starting to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin again -- otherwise she probably wouldn't have given us a glimpse of her boobs just yet.

Come on -- how many new moms do you know who are ready to wear something on the revealing side this soon after giving birth?


Ugh. And one more thing about her boobs -- they aren't even sagging. Like at all. (What's up with that? So unfair.)

And even though there seem to be mixed reactions about it, I'm actually digging the lighter shade of hair Kim's sporting these days. The honey color really brightens up her look a bit, and it makes this jumpsuit look even more stunning. Paired with those beige heels, she's got the whole neutral palette thing down. (Who needs bright colors to stand out? Not Kim.)

Now that she's put her cleavage back on display, I'm guessing we can probably expect to see a gradual increase in how much skin she decides to show as time goes on and her confidence continues to rise. If you think she looks pretty darn gorgeous now, give it a few more months. By the time the holidays roll around, odds are good that we won't see her in anything with a hemline below the knee.

What do you think of Kim's sexy look?


Image via Splash

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