Lamar Odom's Dad Blames All His Son's Problems on the Kardashians

Khloe Kardashian Lamar OdomAs if Lamar Odom doesn't have enough problems, his notoriously absentee dad, Joe, ranted to RadarOnline about his son's recent issues. Joe, who pretty much spent the entire time he shared the camera on Khloe & Lamar asking his son for money or other favors, and who struggled with drug addiction in the past, says that Lamar's troubles are all due to the Kardashians. And he says so in no uncertain terms. I'm sure Lamar is thrilled that dad went bleating to the press. Among his golden nuggets of wisdom: The Kardashians "cursed" his son. He'd be better off without Khloe. And Kris Jenner is an "evil bitch."


Here's some of the other things Joe had to say to RadarOnline:

-[The Kardashians] brought him down. He would be better off without them.

- I think the best thing for him would be to have a clean break, divorce Khloe.

- The mother has been talking a lot of trash about my son, saying he's on drugs and stuff like that. She’s got something against my son ... she's an evil bitch.

- In public [Khloe's] nice, but if you see her personally you see the real person come out of her. The mother’s like that too.

Woah, something tells me if Khloe and Lamar stay together, Joe won't be invited to many holiday gatherings in the near future.

Naturally, Joe doesn't stop to consider that perhaps his lack of parenting also contributed to emotional issues that may have left Lamar vulnerable to drug use. But he's too busy denying Lamar even uses drugs.

But scrappy Joe certainly tells it like it is sometimes too. This is one guy who isn't going to be cowed by the Kardashians. He rants:

I heard Kim say they don’t have crackheads in their family. That pissed me off. Look at where she came from. We don’t want porno stars in our family.

Oh, snap! Touché, Joe.

Do you think Joe is just being protective or should he mind his own business?


Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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