Kendall Jenner's Sophisticated New Look Reminds Us a Lot of Kim Kardashian (PHOTO)

Kendall JennerIt looks like she's following in big sister Kim Kardashian's footsteps, because Kendall Jenner's hair is suddenly lighter and appears to be a little bit shorter than what we're used to seeing on her.

She shared this photo of herself via Instagram. If it hadn't been posted to her account, we'd have to do a double take just to make sure it's actually her.

Doesn't the combination of the lighter locks and glasses make Kendall look so much more ... sophisticated?


She looks much more worldly and seasoned than usual for her 17 years, which I'm guessing was her exact goal in switching up her look and sharing this picture.

Even though she's almost of legal age, Kendall will have a hard time shedding the image of being one of the younger Kardashian sisters. Maybe she figures she has a better chance of ditching the teenager thing by going for a more grown-up vibe.

And it's tough not to notice the resemblance between Kendall and Kim now that they both have a similar hair shade. I've never really thought that the two of them look much alike, but their honey-colored locks definitely make them look a lot more sisterly.

I guess we really can't blame Kendall for wanting to change up her image a bit. It must get pretty old being known as one of the babies in the bunch. It's obvious from this photo that she's anything but a little girl anymore.

But let's hope this is as drastic as her look gets from here on out. It would be a real shame for her to lose her gorgeous, youthful appearance entirely.

What do you think of Kendall's lighter hair?


Image via Instagram

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