LeAnn Rimes' Childish Twitter Rant Reveals Her ‘Real Housewives’ Hate-Watching Habit

leann rimesOh LeAnn! It takes a lot to stick up for the country music star who cheated on her husband with a married man. I've always liked her anyway, but sometimes she does something that makes it harder than ever to defend her. Like on Sunday: LeAnn made a jab at Brandi Glanville via Twitter for no reason at all. I guess she caught a promo for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mentioning Brandi that she just couldn't resist. Couldn't leave that one alone, could you, LeAnn? Even her fans called her out for it.


So here's what happened. Photographer Sara Hertel tweeted a line from the promo:


You'd have to have seen the promo to know that someone said this to Brandi Glanville. Apparently LeAnn knew. (Hmm, how? I thought she didn't watch that show ...) And she just had to retweet Sara. She just did a photo shoot with Sara, and maybe the gossipped a bit about Brandi -- but I bet Sara doesn't want to be painted as a Brandi-hater.


Tell us how you really feel, LeAnn! Because we don't know. We missed the other 40,000 times you told us you think Brandi is a liar, bad person, scourge upon the Earth, etc. Sara and other fans responded to LeAnn, basically saying come on girl, we thought you were above this. And LeAnn got defensive. Of course. I guess she's sick of holding her tongue and feels like it's important that the REAL TRUTH ABOUT BRANDI be told to the world. Like the world is keeping score and gives a shit.


No, actually, it's more like "you look the other way and don't even comment, you look like a bigger person with a life." Speaking truth to power matters if you're calling out a corrupt politician or demanding corporate responsibility. Otherwise, you just look petty. I thought LeAnn knew this!

Maybe she usually does ... maybe she had a little too much Chardonnay Sunday night. Can't you see it? LeAnn pouring herself another glass, cackling to herself, getting all worked up, feeling justified because of all the other times she's held her tongue. She tweets, realizes immediately it was a mistake. But because she's LeAnn, she's not going to just delete it. She's owning that mistake! She's going to embrace the emotional truth of the moment even if it was not at all worth expressing. SIGH. It just makes me feel tired thinking about it.

Well, there's always another day. Maybe Monday LeAnn got up, had her coffee, and thought: You know what? That was some bad Twitter mojo I got into last night. I re- re- re- I regrrrrrr ..." And then she stops there, because the words "I regret saying that" give LeAnn stomach pains. Maybe next time don't hate-watch Bravo/get on Twitter/drink Chardonnay all at the same time.

Are you surprised by LeAnn's tweets or does it sound like her business as usual?


Image via LeAnn Rimes Cibrian/Twitter

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