Tina Fey’s Sexy Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmys Was the Surprise of the Night (VIDEO)

tina feyDisclaimer: I feel incredibly guilty about what I'm about to write. That said, I'm going to write about it anyway, because I'm in the business of writing about things. Tina Fey suffered a nip slip at the Emmys on Sunday. Okay, I feel like I need to shower now. It feels really dirty to reduce an amazingly funny and smart woman who's done unbelievable things to a wardrobe malfunction.


The slip happened when she was on stage, accepting her award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series with fellow writer Tracey Wigfield, and truth be told, I personally didn't see it when I was watching the show live. It apparently takes a very astute eye, trained in the art of nip slips, to spot Tina's dress snafu, and it wasn't until I hopped onto the ever-kind Internet that I heard/saw what happened.

Basically, what happened is when Tina sort of shrugged her shoulders upward, one of her breasts peeked up out of the (stunning) cobalt blue Narciso Rodriguez halter gown she was wearing. And then a few people were like, "Oh my gah, you guys! A boob! Can you believe it?! Tina Fey has boobs!!!" The end.

I'd say this registers in at about a 3 on the wardrobe malfunction scale. It's barely noticeable unless you're really looking for it. And, also, we know Tina isn't the kind of gal to have an intentional W.M. on national television for publicity's sake. She's far too amazingly funny and smart for that. Heart you, Tina. 

Here's a video that breaks down Tina's nip slip in disturbingly painstaking detail:

Did you notice Tina's wardrobe malfunction the first time 'round?

Image via InformOverload/YouTube

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