Miley Cyrus Goes Topless to Show Us That New Leaf She's Turning Over

Miley cyrusOh, Miley, Miley. As much as we want to believe the 20-year-old is open to changing her wild ways, her actions -- which most recently include dropping her top to pose with her tongue out on the cover of Rolling Stone -- are preventing us from trusting her. 

Why does she insist on giving interviews where she addresses that unfortunate VMA twerking episode by stating, "I'll probably never do that s--t again" when we all know she's probably holed up by her swimming pool right now plotting something even more silly and "shocking." Following the events of her life has become an effort as draining as trying to keep our own kids out of trouble. 

Still, in her latest interview, she hints that she may just turn over a new leaf ...


Miley insists that, despite what people think of her after the VMAs, she isn't about to come out twerking every time she makes an appearance. She also claims she wasn't trying to be sexy when she rubbed up against Robin Thicke, and that if her goal was to be provocative, she certainly could have been. The actress and singer, who recently called it quits with ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth, also hinted at the possibility that she was taking work far more seriously. She said she would love to "mentor" Justin Bieber (which just seems like a bad idea) and is graciously receiving career advice from good friend Kanye West

And, as if we needed proof that this poor girl is as insecure as any other woman fresh out of her teen years, she drops a major hint by revealing that she asked Kanye to repeat the nice words he said to her before the VMAs. He said, "There are not a lot of artists I believe in more than you right now." The compliment helped quell her performance anxiety.

I don't know. I look at Miley and just see a girl going through a typical wild phase that is, unfortunately, public in her case. And since I've seen her clad in even far more revealing clothing in her everyday life, this cover shoot is, sadly, refreshing. I predict she still has a few crazy stints up her sleeve, but that -- like Britney Spears -- is going to grow out of this stage of her life sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Miley's topless cover? Do you believe she's close to changing her ways? 

Image via Rolling Stone

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