'Dexter' Finale Wasn't Worthy of TV's Most Beloved Slasher (SPOILER ALERT)

dexterShowtime's Dexter will go down in history as the only show that actually made us root for a serial killer. It didn't matter how many people Michael C. Hall dismembered or why, we looked at him as one of the good guys. So we diehard fans expected a series finale that reflected our admiration for primetime's most beloved slasher. Yes, the ending was unexpected and there were surprises along the way. But it wasn't an ending worthy of Dexter Morgan. Here's why.



It's hard to imagine liking someone who enjoys killing people. But we bought into Dexter's "code" from day one. He satiates his blood lust by killing the killers. Of course there were a couple of innocent casualties along the way (like Lieutenant Doakes and Captain Laguerta). But in general, you felt like the world was a safer place with Dexter Morgan around.

There had been much speculation and debate as to how the show would finally end. Would his sister Debra crack and turn him in? Would he be taken down by another serial killer? Would one of his cop friends put two and two together and finally nab him? Or maybe he would ride off into the sunset with his son and homicidal girlfriend Hannah (my favorite option)? The answer turned out to be none of the above.

Yes, Dexter got away with murder (too many to count), but he did not get the happy ending many of us had certainly hoped for. In the end, he felt responsible for the misery of so many people he loved. After his sister is shot by Dexter's latest serial killing nemesis and ends up in a vegetative state, he is wracked with guilt. To him, it seemed that everyone he cared for met some tragic end. As a result, he abandons his plans to meet his girlfriend and son, who had already fled the country. Instead, he rides his boat into a hurricane.

At first you think he must have drowned, as friends got word that the wreckage was found. But turns out our crafty killer has actually made a life for himself as a lumberjack in the middle of nowhere. Dexter as we know it exists no more. There are no friends, no family members, no adoring son to come home to, no double life to keep up. We see him in a sparse, dank, and totally depressing room in a run-down house. Completely and utterly ALONE.

Some would say that is karma, that he should end up miserable and lonely. But I was really hoping for a happy ending for this fictitious serial killer with a conscience. I mean, even Tony Soprano, who bought untold misery to just about ever character on that show, got to chill with his family when the curtain fell. I think Dexter deserved a little happiness too.

Do you like the way the series ended?


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