Mila Kunis' Confession Means Demi & Ashton Were Doomed From the Start

mila and ashtonFans of That '70s Show have long thought that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher made a cute couple on-screen. Now a real life couple, it's clear they have an intense chemistry that many assumed kicked into high gear AFTER Ashton's divorce from Demi Moore. Well, turns out things between the costars sparked long before then. In fact, Demi may have never had a chance of keeping Ashton.


Almost from the moment Mila and Ashton set foot on the That '70s Show set in 1998, they were smitten. And another of the show's stars, Laura Prepon, says that Ashton was actually Mila's first kiss. He has said that he had no idea at the time and was glad he didn't because that would have added to the pressure.

The lip lock was written into the script. Ashton's memory of the pivotal scene? "I was so nervous," he said. "She acted so cool. She seemed as if she'd done it a thousand times. I was the one with the butterflies in my stomach. I mean, here's this little girl and I have to kiss her. It was nerve-racking." In actuality, they both were incredibly nervous about it. "I had the biggest crush on him," she has admitted.

Sweet story, to be sure. It all makes one thing painfully clear -- his marriage to Demi may have always been doomed. She could never compete with those long-held feelings and that history, if he pined for Mila all these years. Now that they are in a relationship, it is clear they are nearly perfect for each other. Both like a low-key, laid-back lifestyle. They can make each other laugh, and they seem to know each other well. Word is, they are both officially off the market and they may even get engaged soon.

Do you think Ashton has always wanted Mila?


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