Kate Middleton Can Finally Relax When She Leaves Prince George

kate middletonIf you're wondering why Kate Middleton looked oddly relaxed in a photo with Prince William recently, it's because she left Prince George with the nanny for the second time now. The first time a mom leaves her baby with a person who's not a relative? Oof, it's a sobbing, guilt- and anxiety-ridden extravaganza. The second time? Ahhh ... you can actually breathe and take a moment to realize, "Hey, I'm not covered in poop!"


Not everyone is lucky enough to not work and/or have relatives close by, so for some, leaving baby alone with, well, more or less a virtual stranger is a necessity. Of course, you interview them and check their references ad nauseum (and have them come to the house to hang with baby a few times before The Big Day), but still. It's awful. The pits. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But after you get that first time out of the way, it's ... not so bad. The second, third, and fourth times aren't exactly a walk in the park. But they're ... not so bad.

The first time I left my daughter to go to work, it was a sh*tshow. I work from home a few days a week, so I got to be there the day the sitter started, but the day I had to commute to my office? Hoooo boy, was it terrible. I sobbed the entire morning, and checked my phone/texted with the babysitter about 973 times. Was she crying? Did she miss me? Did the nanny remember to burp her just so? But every time I had to leave after that, it got easier. Easier in the sense that I knew my child was in good, safe hands. (Not easier in the sense that I didn't still miss the crap out of her.) I could relax and focus on other things. Things, like, you know, work. But that first time? It's a doozy. I'm sure Kate is glad to have that out of the way. And to you other mamas out there who are yet to do this: Godspeed. It ain't easy.

What was it like the first time you left your child with a sitter?


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