Cory Monteith's Emmys Honor Isn't Appreciated by Everyone

Cory MonteithCory Monteith will be honored at tonight's Emmy Awards, and while you would think this would be a given and all-around thumbs up decision, apparently it is causing some controversy. The in memoriam honors will include not only Cory but James Gandolfini, Jonathan Winters, Family Ties creator Gary David Goldberg, and Jean Stapleton. Unfortunately this left out TV legend Jack Klugman, famous for The Odd Couple and Quincy. And Jack's son, Adam, is furious about it, telling the Hollywood Reporter: "I think it's criminal."


Adam feels like the Emmys are dissing his father solely to try and spike ratings. He said:

I don't mean to say anything disparaging about Cory, but he was a kid who had won no Emmys and it was a self-induced tragedy.

I agree that between Cory and Jack, Jack should be honored. I have no idea why they can't just honor the both of them. Take out some stupid joke routine. Jack should definitely be remembered at the ceremony.

However, Cory shouldn't necessarily be cut out. The reality is that the Emmys won't exist if people don't watch it, and if producers think that his honor will draw a younger crowd who will keep ratings up, then that is just the reality of the business. No one ever said show business was easy, fair, or soft-hearted.

Emmys spokesperson Ken Ehrlich defended Cory, saying:

No matter what we do, there will be people who feel we had other options and could have done other things.

As TMZ points out, Larry Hagman, star of Dallas, is also being overlooked.

Perhaps so, but Jack Klugman, a TV legend, does seem like a huge oversight. It's too bad they couldn't have found something else to cut. At the end of the day, I think Larry and Jack would have understood the need for ratings better than anyone. And Adam should take comfort in the fact that Jack will be remembered for a very long time, by many people.

Do you think Cory deserves to be honored over Jack?


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