Matt Bomer Scores Epic Movie Role That Beats Playing Christian Grey

matt bomer white collarMatt Bomer may not have scored the role of Christian Grey that fans were dreaming of him in, but that doesn't mean his career isn't about to take a turn for the new, different, and exciting. The White Collar star has been cast to play Hollywood icon Montgomery Clift in a film called Monty Clift, expected to capture Clift at a young age when he was working on A Place in the Sun around 1949-51.

The method actor, who was notably private and known to be BFFs with Place in the Sun co-star Elizabeth Taylor, was successful on both stage and screen. He starred most notably in classic films like A Place in the Sun and From Here to Eternity, and the world was his oyster until Clift was ruined by a car accident that left him with both physical and emotional scars he battled until he died. If that doesn't sound like material for a moving biopic, I don't know what would! And it's a huge opportunity and compliment for Bomer.


This may not be Fifty Shades of Grey, but as Deadline notes, this is definitely indicative of Bomer finally getting his due. I have a feeling not just any actor would be entrusted with the responsibility of playing Clift, as he's a true Hollywood icon. And like James Dean or Heath Ledger or any other shining star in Hollywood history who lost their life way too soon, Clift's story is one that needs to be told with the utmost respect and care. I wouldn't doubt Matt Bomer is the man for that job!

And this is awesome news for fans, too, who have been wanting to see his career take off in a big way. Make no mistake: Even though this is an indie flick, it could win him the attention and accolades he so rightfully deserves! Perhaps even more so than playing Christian ever could ...

How do you feel about Matt being cast as Monty?


Image via USA Network

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