Eiza Gonzalez Is No Miley Cyrus: 5 Things to Know About Liam Hemsworth's New Love

Eiza GonzalezIt's been only a few days since the Internet exploded with the news that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called it quits, but there are already reports that he's shacked up with Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. Hemsworth and Gonzalez were photographed smooching in Vegas over the weekend, and eeeesh -- I can't imagine that's gotta be an easy thing for Cyrus to see.

So what's the deal with this kissing beauty, eh? From the smooching pictures, I can tell her backside is gorgeous, and it doesn't look like that's Liam's and her first rendezvous, but hey, that's just my opinion. Want to know more about Eiza? Then check out 5 things to know about Liam Hemsworth's new ladyfriend, here:


1. She's older than Miley: Whereas Miley isn't even old enough to drink at all these ragin' parties she's throwing (with or without Molly), Eiza is a ripe 23 years old.

2. She's a singer: Gonzalez has released two albums in Spanish, Contracorriente in 2009 and Te Acordarás de Mi in 2012. More impressive, though, is her acting resume. She's a major telenovela star on Amores Verdaderos and recently declined a lead role in the Mexican remake of Gossip Girl because the telenovela has her all tied up.

3. She loves Instagram: If that smokin' picture up top isn't enough to make you realize how drop dead gorgeous she is, check out Eiza's Instagram account for tons of photos. I wouldn't mind some of her fabulous wardrobe, that's for sure!

4. She calls Mexico City home: She lives there with her mom and brother. However, she's slowly transitioning to doing more things in the U.S., which may be the reason she was spotted in Vegas with Liam. Her goal? To keep "opening doors for Mexicans and Latinos in the United States."

5. She's choosing not to speak about Liam: At a press conference in Mexico City yesterday for the Spanish version of The Croods, Eiza was asked about her sexy photos with Liam. Her response? "I have nothing to say about that subject." As more questions about Liam were thrown at her, she headed for the exit, left, and cut the session short.

What do you think about Liam and Eiza? Are you surprised to see him moving on so quickly?


Image via eizagonzalez/Instagram

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