Two 'Real Housewives' Develop Shocking Romance With ... Each Other

lisa hochstein and joanna krupaIt always makes me roll my eyes when two women hug and then cackle about how they love each other so much they must be lesbians. Right, because waxing rhapsodic about the platonic bonds of friendship is much less interesting than undermining homosexuality. A prime example of this is the new-found "passion" between Joanna Krupa and Lisa Hochstein.

The two besties get a little tipsy and wham! Lesbians. Do you hear that sound? That's the sound of every lesbian on the planet shaking their head while saying 'being gay does not work that way.' All of my preaching aside, on a show that traffics almost exclusively in girl-on-girl crime, it's refreshing to see two cast members expressing their love for each other. But given that we're talking about Lisa and Joanna, we've got to wonder if they aren't turning to each other because of trouble with their guys.  


Maybe the idea of the two friends hooking up isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility. After all, Joanna's made no secret of her high libido and Romain Zago's failure to pass muster. While Lisa and Lenny Hochstein seem to be doing okay in the sack department, he hasn't been the best when it comes to talking about Lisa's struggles with fertility. 

Bravo TV Official Site - Lisa and Joanna's Love Affair

I don't think Joanna and Lisa are going to run away together or anything. I just think they are very good friends. But every joke holds a kernel of truth, and the girls' lovey-dovey antics could indicate that their marriages might be leaving them unfulfilled in one way or another.

Do you think anything is actually going on between Joanna and Lisa? 


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