Being Cast as Christian Grey Is Already Turning Charlie Hunnam's Life Upside Down

charlie hunnamCharlie Hunnam may have yet to start shooting Fifty Shades of Grey but he's already being treated like Hollywood royalty. Apparently, Universal Pictures has supplied the up-and-coming mega-star with his very own "handful of bodyguards." Uh, whaaa?!

What's next, his very own bulletproof limousine? Air Force Fifty? Eesh. It's not like the guy was just elected to public office, so what's with the amped-up security? Well, reportedly, the studio is concerned that people are going to try to swarm the poor guy -- some reports say Hunnam is already being followed by fans hoping to score his John Hancock -- so the bodyguards are meant to prevent keep the adoring crowds in line. Whoa.


And it's not just hearsay. The Hollywood Reporter notes that extra security was hired for the 33-year-old during FX's Sept. 7 Anarchy premiere in Hollywood, and it was definitely funded by Universal -- NOT FX.

In other words, the studio is doing all that they can to keep their leading man safe and comfortable amid this overnight onslaught of attention. Aww! OR they're pulling this as a publicity stunt?! You know, fake it 'til you make it. Pretend the hype is at a certain level ... until it ACTUALLY IS. OMG, crazy.

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Either way, I worry this could eaaaaasily go to Charlie's head! The guy hasn't even read his first official line in front of Sam Taylor-Johnson's camera, and he has bodyguards. Oof. You've gotta be pretty mature and secure in who you are as a person to not suddenly get a HUGE ego over something like that, huh? Thankfully, from what we know so far, Charlie seems like he can take the heat ... Which I'm sure is one of the reasons Universal brought him on-board in the first place.

What do you make of this?!


Image via Rudy Torres/Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

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