Kate Middleton & Prince William's Pad Is Up for Rent -- Take a Look! (PHOTOS)

Want to live surrounded by the aura of royalty? It'll cost you upward of $1,200 a month, but you'll get four bedrooms, access to a private beach -- and you can sleep in the same bedroom where Kate Middleton and Prince William presumably may have created the future king, Prince George. Yes, the Duchess and Prince's rental home, a farmhouse in the hamlet of Bodorgan on the Isle of Anglesey in Wales, is up for rent. The royal couple will move into either Anmer Hall or Kensington Palace, depending which report you want to believe.


Kate and William lived in the farmhouse of Bodorgan Hall, which is the largest property in Bogdoran, and is owned by Lord and Lady Meryick. Someone familiar with the house described it in detail to E! Online:

The house was originally intended for Sir George Meryick's son but he moved along the coast when Prince William and Kate moved in. It's an absolutely beautiful spot, it's breathtaking up there. It has access to a private beach which nobody else could reach, onto the estuary ... You could see the water from the bedrooms on the first floor, which look over the top of the outbuildings. The outbuildings surround a farmyard and you have to go through the farm yard to get down to the beach.

Sounds delightful, though a tad remote and desolate for my personal tastes. Give me Kensington Palace! Or a beautiful brownstone in London.

Kate and Wills reportedly got a deal on the place, renting it for a mere $1,200 a month (actually kind of expensive for that area), but rent is expected to rise as royal fans will want to have breakfast where Kate and Will had breakfast; warm themselves by the same fireplace they did; and, well, do whatever else they did wherever else. Hey, Prince George didn't make himself, ya know!

Anyway, apparently Wills was quite crushed to leave Anglesey, but told locals he would be back for visits. Bodorgan only has about 1,500 residents, so no doubt pretty much all of them must have met Wills and Kate at some point. Probably down at the local pub having a pint!


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