Robert Pattinson Is Moving On From Kristen Stewart By Selling Their Beautiful Mansion

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartRemember the time when we were all crazy that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were moving in together? Heck, remember back after the Rupert Sanders scandal when we could not stop talking about the Twilight couple if we tried?! Well, in light of Rob's decision to cut off all communication with KStew, Rob's selling the mansion he shared with Kristen. Yup, the Spanish-style home located in Los Angeles is on the market for a casual $6.75 million.

Wow! To think, some lucky Twihard could actually LIVE in the house that the two lovers shared, swapping vampire stories with their favorite friends! OK, on a serious note: good for Rob. I mean let's be real, his relationship with Kristen has been a pretty monumental part of both his personal life and his career. Now that it's dunzo (supposedly for good this time), moving on and moving out is a good call.


Certain things in life are hard enough to deal with as it is, emotionally. You know ... like deaths, losing a job, or in Pattinson and Stewart's case, a bad breakup. When you're in a certain environment that reminds you of past traumatic events, it makes dealing with them harder. That's exactly why changing spaces for an updated pad with new surroundings is a great idea for Pattinson.

In Rob's new home (which is reportedly worth $4 million in Beverly Hills), he will be able to start fresh, redecorate according to his personal style, and really make the place his own. That sounds like perfection to me.

Of course, relocating isn't always a feasible opportunity. Not everyone can just up and move every time a bad event happens. In that case, making small changes to a space can help you move forward and make a major difference. Whether it's moving photos around, putting new photos out, or swapping out something that a person who may have hurt you gave you as a present (except that flat-screen TV, of course) -- mixing things up is a must. 

Congrats to Rob on the new digs!

Have you ever had to move after a difficult life event to move forward?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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