Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici's 'Couple' Name Puts 'Robsten' to Shame

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciWell, you guys, it finally happened. It's certainly taken a while, but Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have finally made a name for themselves -- literally.

You know, they picked a "couple" name so people don't have to refer to them as Sean and Catherine or "that couple from The Bachelor" anymore.

But they went a bit of a different route from most celeb duos, who usually have their first or last names merged to form one moniker, like TomKat, Robsten, and so on and so forth.

Instead of being referred to as Lowdici, Seancat, or Giudowe (hee hee), these two went with something a bit more ... them.


Here's Sean's "announcement" from Twitter:

Sean Lowe twitter

Yep -- Filipinlowe. So, what do you think? It's totally adorable, right?!?

Who knew that Sean's last name and Catherine's ethnicity could create such a perfectly fitting title for America's favorite reality TV couple? (Sorry Des and Chris, but it's true.)

Once again, Sean and Catherine's shared quirky sense of humor has come through, making us even more positive that they're about as right for each other as a guy and a girl can get.

Don't you just love how they refuse to take themselves seriously? No matter what they're doing, they always keep things light and playful, which is one of the essential elements of any lasting relationship.

And Filipinlowe is so catchy, it'll be impossible for anyone to forget, so it definitely has the potential to stick like glue for years to come. Huh. I hope they're prepared for that -- even if things take a turn for the worse and they don't work out for some reason. Filipinlowe could prove to be a pretty tough association to shake.

What do you think of Filipinlowe?


Image via Instagram

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