Kourtney Kardashian's Sexy Shoes Strike Fear in the Hearts of Most Women (PHOTO)

Kourtney Kardashian shoesWhoa -- get a load of this gorgeous pair shoes Kourtney Kardashian showed off on Instagram. Does she know how to work a fun and unique style or what?

She captioned this particular pic with, "I repeat. I don't pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford."

Yes, yes she certainly does. Check out the laces on these things -- how did she manage to get them so perfectly tied on both shoes? (That Kourt. She has all sorts of style tricks the rest of us normal folk aren't privy to.)


Ok, so these sandals look amazing and match Kourt's bag perfectly and all that good stuff -- but something tells me they aren't exactly the most comfortable pair of kicks to walk around in.

I mean, can you imagine strolling around town on a remotely hot or humid day while wearing them? Kourt must be a real pro, because I'm positive my feet would swell up even worse than Kim Kardashian's did when she was pregnant if I attempted to try these on for size. (Remember that? OMG. The horror.)

If you're going to get away with shoes like these and manage to remain standing for the duration of the day, you probably need to be one of those people who a) does not sweat, b) doesn't have the slightest trace of a blister or bunion in sight, and c) is used to walking around in super fancy shoes to the point that your feet don't even notice anymore.

Or if you don't have any of those three things going for you, being Kourtney Kardashian helps too.

Would you wear shoes like these?


Image via Instagram

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