Kim Kardashian Will Hate Life if She Brings North on Tour With Kanye West

kim kardashianWe'd been hearing rumblings about it before she even gave birth, but now pals are confirming that Kim Kardashian will accompany Kanye West on tour, along with baby North. However. These pals are also saying that Kim "won't cope" and will likely wind up changing her plans. "The likely scenario is that Kim will join Kanye in major cities," a source says. "Kim thinks she and the baby will remain with Kanye throughout the North American leg, but life on the road is going to get very old, very fast. Kim is used to being the center of attention, even though she has a baby, some things will never change."

In other words, you can't take a 3-month-old infant to loud concerts and after-parties (even with those cute noise-canceling headphones), and Kim will likely wind up sitting alone in a hotel with North. Or Kim will go to Kanye's loud concerts and after-parties and leave someone else alone in a hotel with North. That's not really fun times for anyone, now, is it?


In theory, this is a lovely idea. New family travels the world together in style, proving that, hey! Parenthood isn't that hard at all! It's just ... different. But, the reality is, a tour across North America is no place for a baby or a new mother. Newborns, for the most part, are very easy to tote around, but a tour is just ... no.

I'm sure Kim and Kanye would have tons of help, and it wouldn't be, like, me or you bringing our newborn on tour with our famous rapper husband, but who wants to live out of a suitcase when they have a newborn? If you're not cosleeping, who wants to constantly set up a Pack 'N' Play? If you're not exclusively breastfeeding, who wants to worry about washing bottles? And who wants to be left alone in a hotel room every night with their baby? That would get terribly lonely. And if Kim left North every night with a nanny to go hang out with Kanye, that would be terribly sad.

I think planning on seeing Kanye in "the major cities" is the best idea. Kim's not ready for a tour. And neither is North. Blue Ivy was, what, a toddler when she first saw the inside of a baller tour bus? All in due time, ladies.

Do you think Kim should take North on tour?


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