Awesome Dairy Queen Manager Stands Up for Blind Customer When His Money Is Stolen (VIDEO)

Joey PrusakIt's true that sometimes people just suck. Take the case of a Dairy Queen customer in Hopkins, Minn., who last week stole a $20 bill from a blind man when he dropped it unknowingly on the floor. It's also true, however, that there are some really awesome human beings in the world, like Dairy Queen Manager, Joey Prusak, who saw the whole slimy act go down and responded in the most amazing way.

According to ABC, when Prusak, 19, first saw the woman bend down and scoop up the man's money, he thought surely she would just hand it back to him. When she put it in her purse instead, he wasn't going to stand for it.


He first asked her to return it, but she actually said no and tried to make up a story that it was really hers. Prusak called b.s. on that. He told ABC:

I told her ‘Ma’am, you can either return the $20 bill or you can leave the store, because I’m not going to serve someone as disrespectful as you.'

She didn't take kindly to that, made somewhat of a scene, and left ... with the $20. If Prusak had stopped there, it still would have been an admirable thing to do. He could have just looked the other way, or decided not to get involved, but he did, and good for him. Then he went even further.

He approached the blind man, and gave him $20 from his own pocket. But he didn't tell that man that, instead he just told him he'd dropped it. He didn't want a thank you, he just did what he thought was right with no desire for accolades.

A customer who saw the whole thing happen thought he deserved some accolades, however, and wrote a letter to the store's owner, who then hung it up in the store. Someone then posted it on Reddit, and it's since gone viral, warming the hearts of all who read his story and restoring at least a little of our faith in humanity.

Joey, however, remains humble about the whole thing. He told Fox:

It wasn't anything I wouldn't have done on any other day. I hope everyone else would have done the same thing -- which I think 99 out of 100 people would have.

Unfortunately, I'm not so sure that's true. But way to go, Joey.


What's the best random act of kindness you've witnessed lately?

Image via Fox

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