The Kardashian Christmas Card Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About Lamar & Khloe

khloe kardashian, kris Jenner, Lamar OdomAnyone harboring delusions that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is real is profoundly wrong. That said, it doesn't mean that the carefully orchestrated show isn't fun to watch. I am a big fan! What I wouldn't give to have been born into that family with their fab hair and K names.

Kris Jenner recently posted a photo to Instagram that she'd taken with Khloe Kardashian while shooting the show. Anything involving Khloe these days invites a lot of scrutiny -- what does this latest post/photo/video reveal about her and Lamar Odom? Because of the Christmas tree in the background of this shot, folks are speculating the gang has made a stone-cold decision to cut Lamar out of the family Christmas photo. I think the truth might be tinged with a bit more sadness.


To say that they decided deliberately to cut out Lamar from the family photo seems way harsh. In fact, the honest truth is probably that Khloe and company don't know where to find him. This wasn't a scheme to cut Lamar out of the family -- this was just a matter of logistics.

The show shoots way in advance. Just because they're working on a Christmas episode, that doesn't rule out Lamar being included in a family photo when they finally take it. There's always the possibility that Khloe's already made her mind up to kick Lamar to the curb for good. But until she says otherwise, I'm choosing to naively believe everything will work out. SOMEBODY HOLD ME.

What do you think this photo says about Khloe and Lamar's future?


Image via Instagram

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