‘Downton Abbey’ Season 4 Teaser Provides a Sneak Peek at Grieving Mary & Her Adorable Baby Son (VIDEO)

Downton abbey season 4Good news for those of you living in the United Kingdom! Downton Abbey will premiere its fourth season this coming Sunday. Terrible news for those of you living in the United States! We have to wait until January 5 for this magical day. Still, to get your Downton fix, if P. Diddy wasn't enough, that is, a brand-new clip has been released!

In the short 44-second clip, Mary Crawley deals with the fallout from the shocking, devastating events of season 3. Still, it's nice to see some familiar faces, even some new (tiny) (adorable) ones as well!

This series would seriously be perfect if only PBS could air the damn show at the same damn time among continents. Is that really too much to ask, considering Downton has a bunch of viewers with extremely weak will power and cannot avoid the Internet for the next few months (raises hand)? Anyway ...


You know you want to see some new Downton footage. So here's the clip!

The new season starts six months from the death of her husband Matthew Crawley. As you can see, Lady Mary is still obviously in mourning, rocking an all-black wardrobe. Joanne Froggatt, who plays Anna, had a lot to say about Mary dealing with poor Matthew's passing. Regardless, it's great to see Anna and Mary together again!

"Lady Mary's not really turning to anybody at this point," Joanne explains. "She's very much within her own grief. She won't really express it with anyone. She's locked in her grief and everyone's trying to coax her back into the here and now."

Also, there's a spoiler-free synopsis of episode 1 as well. Looks like we've got quite a bit to get through in the first episode alone:

Following Matthew’s untimely death, new mother Mary is struggling to come to terms with her loss. Robert and Violet disagree on how to bring her through it. Downstairs, hearts are set to be broken as Jimmy finally takes an interest in Ivy. Carson has an unwelcome reminder of his past while Mrs Hughes sees an opportunity to help grief stricken Isobel. Thomas is up to his old tricks and has the children’s Nanny in his sights.

Clearly Mary isn't handling Matthew's death well, as six months later, she still refers to cutie George as a "poor little orphan." Poor kid! Mary better snap out of it for his sake, but luckily there are a lot of other people at Downton who will love and take care of him. Of course we knew we'd have to spend some time with Mary and her grief, but we've got a lot to look forward to as she bounces back and starts getting to know her new suitors.

Maybe it's time to consider a move across the pond? Just to get my Downton fix this Sunday. Who's with me?

What do you think about this teaser from Downton Abbey? Are you excited for season 4?

Image via PBS

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