The Family Juggle -- With a Twist

Michael J Fox showOur lives can be a little crazy, and sometimes you just need a good laugh to put everything in perspective! No one knows that better than Michael J. Fox, who’s back with a hilarious new show on NBC this fall. Catch the series premiere Thursday, September 26 at 9/8c.


The Michael J. Fox Show -- based loosely on the actor’s own life and struggle with Parkinson’s disease -- follows Mike Henry (Fox), a former TV news anchor, as he tries to revive his career following a five-year hiatus to focus on his health. But getting his professional groove back isn’t the only thing Mike has to contend with. His home life keeps him on his toes, too: His son Ian just dropped out of college to re-invent the search engine, teen daughter Eve is too smart for her own good, and the youngest one, 8-year-old Graham, needs structure now more than ever. And then there’s his 30-something sister, Leigh, who still thinks she’s a catch, but needs Mike to pay for her basement apartment. Thank goodness for his loving wife Annie who keeps him, well, steady.

Any mom can relate to this crazy juggle -- and we can definitely all use a good laugh! Sponsored by The Michael J. Fox Show, premiering tonight at 9/8c -- only on NBC.

What’s your secret to staying sane even when your family situation gets a little crazy?

Image via NBC

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