5 Most Vicious Celebrity Twitter Feuds

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 18, 2013 Celebrities

boxingTwitter has made our favorite celebrities more accessible than ever before. Now, with a quick click of the 'follow' button, we can find out the tiniest minutiae of their lives. We know what most of Hollywood is watching on TV, how they spend their downtime, and what they plan on eating for dinner.

We're also privy to their dislikes, their rants, and their out and out brawls. Sometimes they are passive-aggressive, sometimes they block annoying followers, and sometimes stuff gets real. What's more real than a celebrity having a fight on Twitter? A celebrity having a fight with a fellow celebrity on Twitter. That got us to thinking ...

Of all the great celebrity Twitter feuds, which have been the best? We racked and scoured our Twitter lists and think we found our winners. Remember ladies and germs, all's fair in love and Twitter.

So somebody get to making that Jiffy Pop, because it's about to get cinematic up in this joint. Let's take a walk down Famous-People's-Drama lane, shall we? We've compiled 5 of our favorite Twitter Feuds here for you edification. Read on to see who made the grade and who was just, well, schooled.

What are some of your favorite celebrity Twitter feuds?


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  • Sylvester Stallone & Bruce Willis


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    It takes a real man to call out Bruce Willis. I guess Jean-Claude Van Damme was busy, because Sylvester Stallone wound up doing it. Furious that Willis had bowed out of the next Expendables flick, he called out the guy on Twitter. What better way to make an action star jealous? Tell them you've hired Harrison Ford. Then undo your too-cool-for-school act by hitting up your caps lock and passive aggressively discussing the greed of "certain" movie stars. Class in a glass.

  • Amanda Bynes & Rihanna


    Image via Twitter

    I imagine it takes a lot of restraint when it comes to dealing with a tweet from Miss Amanda Bynes. While she's now receiving the help she needs, we all remember well her glory days of picking fights on Twitter. One of the most memorable involved the bitchslap she issued Rihanna. This one managed to be sexist, racist, and just generally awful. Kudos to Ri-Ri for slapping down the crazy.

  • Perez Hilton & Lady Gaga


    Image via Twitter

    Oh man. This one got grim fast. Former besties Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton let it all hang out in the Twitterverse. As the two celebs' bickering escalated, Gaga's army of Little Monsters went to work threatening both Perez and the life of his son. In the words of Joey from Blossom: Whoa.

  • Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Cibrian


    Image via Twitter

    When you steal someone's husband, I think a little Twitter ranting coming your way is more than fair. LeAnn Rimes just happened to hit the mother-lode when she hooked up with Brandi Glanville's ex Eddie Cibrian. LeAnn had no idea she was unleashing the devil-may-care fury that is Brandi. LeAnn, knowing she couldn't hold a candle to Brandi in a battle of verbal barbs, went the passive-aggressive route, glibly mentioning how calling people names is weak and petty. Girl, Brandi totally won this round.

  • Ice-T & Aimee Mann


    Image via Twitter

    I have a friend who has an imaginary relationship with Ice-T wherein he mentors her, giving her career and life advice. In addition to being an old school OG, Ice tolerates no BS and is funny as heck. Too bad folk singer Aimee Mann didn't know this when she decided to tweet her thoughts about the guy's acting abilities. Suffice to say, she was unprepared for Ice to come back at her -- hard. Yeah, the consuming of a bowl full of male genitalia might have been suggested.

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