5 Most Vicious Celebrity Twitter Feuds

boxingTwitter has made our favorite celebrities more accessible than ever before. Now, with a quick click of the 'follow' button, we can find out the tiniest minutiae of their lives. We know what most of Hollywood is watching on TV, how they spend their downtime, and what they plan on eating for dinner.

We're also privy to their dislikes, their rants, and their out and out brawls. Sometimes they are passive-aggressive, sometimes they block annoying followers, and sometimes stuff gets real. What's more real than a celebrity having a fight on Twitter? A celebrity having a fight with a fellow celebrity on Twitter. That got us to thinking ...


Of all the great celebrity Twitter feuds, which have been the best? We racked and scoured our Twitter lists and think we found our winners. Remember ladies and germs, all's fair in love and Twitter.

So somebody get to making that Jiffy Pop, because it's about to get cinematic up in this joint. Let's take a walk down Famous-People's-Drama lane, shall we? We've compiled 5 of our favorite Twitter Feuds here for you edification. Read on to see who made the grade and who was just, well, schooled.

What are some of your favorite celebrity Twitter feuds?


Image via PhotoAtelier/Flickr

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