Kate Middleton's Plot to Bag Prince William Was Pure Genius

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton and Prince William's marriage might seem like a fairytale, but what's a fairytale without a little grease on the wheels? For things may not have been starry destiny after all -- not without Kate pushing the stars into alignment, anyway. For the author of a new book about Kate, Kate: The Future Queen, says the pair didn't quite just happen to meet at the prince's school, the University of St. Andrews, become friends and roommates, and then fall in love. Apparently Kate had set her cap for William long before they ended up at the same school. And you won't believe the lengths she went to to bag her man!


According to the book's author, Katie Nicholl, Kate Middleton was originally set to attend college at Edinburgh University. She had even received her acceptance letter.

But, just like the rest of the world, she then learned that William was headed for St. Andrews. And, suddenly, she decided to forego Edinburgh, take a year off, and then apply to St. Andrews. HMMM.

The move was a risky one because once word got out that the royal would be at St. Andrews, applications shot up by 50 percent. That left her with a slim chance of getting into the school.

But obvs our Kate was meant to be the future Queen. Because she did get in. And the rest is history.

The author also says that St. Andrews wasn't where Kate and William first met. She had apparently made the prince's acquaintance earlier, through friends of hers. Perhaps it was then that she first felt some spark that let her know that Wills would one day be hers.

So is this admirable? Kind of gold-diggerish?

Well, it's a bit of both. No doubt Kate had her eye on Wills, as did every other young woman in Britain -- and probably around the world. So she used a bit of cunning to get him. So it wasn't all divine providence. It's this kind of "getting above your station" thing that makes the Duchess less of an object of adoration in the U.K. But we won't hold it against her here in the States!

No one ever said that you can't get what you want by taking steps to make it happen -- even in love.

Does this surprise you about Kate?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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