Kate Middleton's Biographer Reveals What Makes the Duchess & Prince William a Good Match

kate middleton prince williamDetails about Duchess Catherine's past, present, and clues to her future are all coming out at warp speed now that Kate: A Biography (can't get more straightforward than that!) is due out on October 1, and author Marcia Moody is dishing to the press to pique our interest in the book. While we're learning lots about Kate as a fashion icon (she used to be a tomboy!) and Kate's work and charities, the juice I find most intriguing centers around her relationship with Prince William.

Thankfully, Parade notes that much of the book is spent on their romance -- how Kate and William met, fell in love, and married. Thus, the magazine decided to ask Moody the intriguing question we'd all like to know the answer to: "What makes Kate and William a good match?" 


Moody's response:

Kate and William just click, like any couple in a good relationship, and it’s so clear when you see them together. They have shared interests and life-views, a similar sense of humor, their friends all know each other, they love each other’s families, they strive for the same things, and they are in love.

Awww, so sweet! I love that she notes how it's something that's easily perceived when you see them together, because how spouses interact and come off as a couple really does say so much about how powerful their bond is. Actually, I would say how they "click" is more apparent from their chemistry than all of the other aspects Moody listed -- the common interests, same goals, loving one another's families. Sure, that's important, and awesome if that happens to be the case for you, but those factors are not necessarily integral to making a relationship work.

In other words, we all have different compatibilities that tie us to our partner. I have friends with polar opposite political views than their spouse (I don't know how they do it, but they do!), and friends who barely understand what their spouse does for a living.

In cases like that, I feel like it's more about understanding and supporting one another's interests and goals. And maybe being open to spending time with (maybe even just keeping the peace with!) one another's families -- even if we're not ready to declare our in-laws our new BFFs. You do your best, you know? I'm sure there are couples who are completely on the exact same wavelength most of the time, but many are not and simply love the other person enough to work through their differences. And they have other strengths and commonalities that balance it all out. In fact, I'd venture to guess there are more couples like that than the former!

Still, what Moody says Kate and William have make them very lucky. Not to mention ... even more compatible than they would be if all they had was chemistry. Sounds like it's even further confirmation that their fairy tale romance is actually the real deal!

What do you think makes Kate and William a great match? Where do you and your partner differ -- and see eye-to-eye on interests, life-views, sense of humor, etc.?


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