Harry Styles & New Girlfriend Cara Delevingne Are One Creepy Looking Couple (PHOTO)

harry stylesThere's been major scuttlebutt happening about Harry Styles's love life going on in my house. Also, presumably, in less creepier portions of the world. The word is out that he's over Taylor Swift (and rightly so, he needs a woman of experience *cough* call me *cough*). He's got a new lady all up in his business!

The little miss in question is model (of course) Cara Delevingne. In addition to being professionally "really, really good-looking," Cara is a trouble-making party-girl. Just like Harry! Except minus the whole being-a-dude part.

While Harry hasn't made any public statement about their status as a couple, he has taken a couple of photos posing with her. This could indicate that they are inching toward going public. That said, the dude is wearing a mask. That hardly screams "READY TO COMMIT." I kind of hope they aren't dating. Because this one photo of Cara has me wondering if anyone has noticed one big, weird thing ...


That Cara and Harry could basically be twins. I'm not kidding! Look at her face! The eyes! The goofy-pretty mug! The brows! The all-of-it! I am not going to venture so far as to say that Cara and Harry might actually be the same person but ... stranger things have happened.

cara delevingne

If nothing else it's a testimony to Harry's ego. I mean, nothing says "full of yourself" like dating your own reflection only with better hair. I know RuPaul's always saying that you've got to love yourself before you can love somebody else, but this is just weird.

Do you think Cara and Harry look alike?


Images via Instagram

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