‘RHONJ’ Star Gets a Spinoff Show & Teresa Giudice Isn’t Going to Be Happy

carolineSince it's been, what, five minutes since the last Real Housewife got a spinoff, time for another! The latest Bravolebrity to land herself her own show? Real Housewives of New Jersey star Caroline Manzo. Yeppers, the RHONJ matriarch is currently shooting a pilot called Manzo'd With Children and the show is centered around following Caroline as the "ringleader of the crazy circus that is her Italian family." Caroline's ever-present kids, Albie, Chris, and Lauren, will obvs be part of the show, as well as her sister, Fran.

In other news, somewhere in North Jersey, Teresa Giudice just flipped over a table. 


Now, I'm as big of a Housewives fan as it gets. (Though, seriously, something about Miami still isn't working.) But how many of these spinoffs are we going to do, Bravo? I mean, clearly they're working as a business model, but it's the same 30 women or so on the channel all the time. It's getting old. How about adding a new city instead? Real Housewives of DeKalb, Illinois?

I have no life, so sure, I'll check out Manzo'd With Children (which, side note, should have been called Caroline in the City II [any '90s sitcom fans out there?]), but I have a feeling the whole show is essentially just going to be one long Caroline scene from RHONJ. And while we all love Caroline, let's get real here guys. That's not exactly why we're tuning in on Sunday nights.

Will you watch Caroline's new show?


Image via Bravo

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