Catherine Giudici Shares Photo That May Signal Trouble With Sean Lowe

Sean Lowe Catherine GiudiciHuh. That's weird. When Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici picked up and moved to his hometown of Dallas, most of us automatically assumed they are living together there since they've been staying in the same pad for quite some time in L.A.

Sure, they were reportedly sleeping in separate bedrooms (you know, because of the whole born again virgin thing Sean has going on), but they were living in the same house, nonetheless.

And that's why I'm totally confused over a photo that Catherine Giudici posted to Instagram of herself and two friends, which she captioned with "Hot housemates."


Here's the pic -- don't they look like one big, happy "family"?

catherine giudici friends

Housemates? Whose housemates, exactly? Was Catherine implying that the three of them are sharing a home, which would mean that she's not shacking up at Sean's pad? OMG. What if they're having problems? (Let's hope not.)

Or maybe those two chicks are roomies and Catherine simply thinks they're both pretty hot tickets -- so she was giving them a shout out with her comment. (Aww. Whatta pal.)

Of course, there's always another possibility -- what if they're all living together in a house with Sean? Remember, they were shacking up with friends in L.A., so it's not like this would be anything new for them. If they do have roommates, it's kind of like having chaperones 24/7 to make sure there's no funny business going on, right?

Maybe I'm reading way too much into this photo, but let's hope for Sean and Catherine's sake that if they are living separately, it's simply to help build up even more excitement before their wedding and it's not a sign of any trouble in the relationship.

Those two have really grown on me -- and I want to see them get married, damnit! (And I'm still keeping my fingers cross that they find it in their hearts to invite me. I'll even blog about it. For free.)

Do you think Catherine and Sean are living together?


Images via Instagram

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