Beyonce Dragged Off Stage by Crazy Fan & Her Reaction Is Priceless (VIDEO)

Just once, I'd like to cover a story about Beyonce that involves her doing something less than amazing. I'm not saying I want unpleasant things to happen to her, but every time she's in the news, it's on account of her being a ridiculously badass superwoman who always looks perfect and I'm starting to suspect she's a Cylon.

Her true identity as a cybernetic lifeform aside, Beyonce's latest impressive feat happened in Brazil this weekend when she was performing at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo. While she was singing "Irreplaceable," Beyonce was grabbed and pulled clean off the stage by an overexcited fan -- but if you think she reacted angrily to what must have been a briefly frightening incident or even MISSED A BEAT OF HER BALLAD, you'd be wrong.


On Sunday night, Beyonce was singing from what's called the "Bey Stage," which is a square platform surrounded by audience members on all four sides. Moments after she got down to offer her microphone to the audience to sing along, a shirtless guy climbed up on the stage, managed to get his arms around her, and started to drag her awkwardly back down into the crowd.

Security was there in a flash to pull her back out, and the only acknowledgment Beyonce gave to what had just happened was a sort of startled half-laugh. Then she just kept singing. LIKE A BOSS.

Beyonce went on to calm the crowd and her security guys, repeating, "It's okay, it's all right. He just got excited," before asking the guy his name, shaking his hand, and saying, "I love you too." The whole thing was captured by video, which has naturally gone viral:

This isn't the first time Beyonce tangled with an overzealous fan during a live performance, although the last incident -- during which she was equally unflappable -- at least involved a wind-generating machine rather than a potentially dangerous topless dude.

I hope Beyonce's classy response doesn't encourage more concertgoers to bodily attack their favorite singers, but I can't help but be impressed with how she handled this. Very un-diva-like, wouldn't you say? (Nicole Kidman, you might want to take notes.)

What do you think of how Beyonce dealt with this fan's actions?

Image via YouTube

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