Kris Jenner Poses Like Kim in a Bikini -- Wow, She Looks Hot! (PHOTO)

kris jennerKris Jenner is catching a lot of crap today from everyone for posting a bikini shot of herself -- in a position quite reminiscent of daughter Kim's -- to Instagram. The reason for the crap is because A) Kris posted the photo right after her daughter, Kendall, posted a bikini shot (so many bikini shots!), and B) in what world does a woman nearly 60 years old have the right to post a bikini shot of herself?! Off with her head! We have a 35-and-under rule 'round these parts! (Wait, how old is the oldest Real Housewife?)


Think what you want of Mama Kris, but let's get real here for a second, guys. The woman looks good for 57. Hell, she looks good for 40! If I look like this when I'm her age, I'll definitely post a bikini shot of myself to Instagram. Okay, I totally won't, but I would be very happy to look like Kris Jenner when I'm in my 50s.

The Kardashians/Jenners are oversharers by nature. Kris posts photos of herself at the dentist; deciding between Coke or Pepsi; picking up her dry cleaning. Is anyone really surprised that she put this on her Instagram account? When I first saw the photo of Kris, I actually just breezed by it. I stopped and thought, "Wow, she looks good," but then proceeded to read an article about Gwyneth Paltrow's flip-flops. It wasn't until I started reading about all the backlash against Kris that I felt it was worthy of a blog post of my own. So what? She's in a bikini, people (and you can see her from the waist up). Big deal.

Kris Jenner isn't my favorite person in the world, but I'm not going to hate her for wearing a bathing suit in an Instragram photo. She looks hot. And I can admit that, regardless of what my opinion of her is.

What do you think of Kris Jenner's photo?


Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

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