Robert Pattinson Sits at Home, Thinking About Kristen Stewart's 'Smile'

kristen stewart robert pattinsonAll right, this is just flat-out depressing. According to a friend of our beloved Robert Pattinson's, the thing Rob misses the most about Kristen Stewart is her "smile and the sound of her laugh." "They had a lot of fun when they were a couple, and they laughed a lot," the friend said. "She has the most endearing smile to Rob, but right now he isn’t thinking of getting back together with her. It’s still just too complicated."

Now, I've been saying Rob and Kristen need to sever ties once and for all for months now. But Jesus Christ, you guys, Rob misses Kristen's smile? That's so ... sad. And, let's just say it, because I know we're all thinking it: Impressive, as well. Who ever thought she smiled?

Okay, now that the snark's out of our system, back to them as a couple.


They should just get back together already. Seriously. I now have this vision of Rob, drunk and unshaven, sitting alone in his sprawling Hollywood Hills home, staring out at the Los Angeles landscape below, a photo of Kristen, smiling, in one hand, a bottle of Jack in the other, and it's so depressing! I mean, to miss having someone to spend Sundays with is one thing. But to miss the smile of a specific person is another. You have to really be in love with someone to miss their smile. So Rob really loves her! And she loves Rob! What's complicated about that?! Just get on with it already.

I have a feeling that these two will get back together at some point. You may say that I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. They reportedly broke up months ago, yet there are still reports about clandestine meetings and/or smile fantasies on a daily basis. Where there's smoke, there's fire, right? Let's pray there's a hot, blazing Robsten fire some time in the near future.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will get back together?

Image via accidentalpaparazzi/Flickr

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