'Sister Wives' Preview: Kody & Meri Get Some Bad News (VIDEO)

kody and kidsAnother Sunday, another episode of ... Sister Wives! What kind of crazy plural marriage monkey business awaits us tonight? The episode title, "Sister Wives on the Ropes," leads me to believe that ... the wives will ditch My SisterWife's Closet and decide to become professional tightrope walkers? That would be pretty freakin' fantastic, but the synopsis suggests otherwise: "Mariah's college plans could be affected by Meri and Kody's financial news. Meanwhile, the Browns have a tense debate with a group of anti-polygamists that includes Christine's estranged aunt."


Ah, those ropes. Rats. Anyway, what are they talking about, Kody and Meri's financial news? Wouldn't their financial news be everybody's financial news? It's not like each household operates completely independently of the others. Unless, maybe, Mariah was denied a scholarship or something? That would be Kody/Meri-specific financial news. In which case, bummer for Mariah! Poor kid, she's been having a rough time. 

As for the tense anti-polygamist stand-off? Fingers crossed for some major fireworks!! In the meantime, enjoy this clip about Kody's 45th birthday celebration:

Um, did Meri's gift seem a little less ... less than the other wives presents, or is it just me? Think she's still upset about the baby thing?

What do you think Kody and Meri's financial news is?


Image via TLC

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