Paula Deen Breaks Down During First Appearance Since Racism Scandal

Paula DeenShe's been hiding out all summer, but she's baaaaack! Paula Deen has made her first public appearance after her n-word scandal got her canned from the Food Network and dropped by a host of companies in June. And it didn't take long for her to break down in tears.

Deen has been pretty darn quiet since June aside from showing up on a pre-recorded episode of Gordon Ramsay's Fox show MasterChef a few weeks back. Her appearance drew some criticism but nothing like the holy hellfire that erupted after a worker filed a lawsuit accusing the Southern cooking queen of racial and sexual discrimination.

So apparently she thought it was OK to come back?


Fans at the Metro Cooking and Entertainment Show in Houston, Texas apparently agreed. They gave Deen a standing ovation, to which she responded by busting out the waterworks, reportedly stating:

These are tears of joy, y'all ... This is my first time out in three months.

Would you have clapped for her or are you thinking she should have stayed in hiding?


Image via Splash News

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