Sara Gilbert's 'Secret' Makes Us Love Johnny Galecki Even More (VIDEO)

sara GilbertReady for a secret? Actress Sara Gilbert hopes so. The Talk co-host was spilling them this week in a special week of letting the cat out of the bag, and hers has as much to do with her one-time Roseanne star Johnny Galecki as it does herself.

It turns out Gilbert, who quietly came out of the closet three years ago, has known she was gay for a long time. Heck, she says she knew way back in her child star days, when she was working with and dating Galecki. And she was dating an older woman part of the time!

So how does the Big Bang Theory actor feel about his ex-girlfriend sharing that she was not really into him?


According to Gilbert herself, Galecki knew! And he kept her secret for her! Aww! That is true friendship.

Explaining what it was like telling her boyfriend why she would get depressed after a make-out session, Gilbert said:

He was super sweet about it ... No one knew at the show, and Johnny held the secret the whole time. I was always so scared if it came out.

It's hard enough for someone to come out of the closet to friends and family, but an actress has to do it to the whole country -- and people aren't always as accepting as they should be. Keeping that secret for her meant protecting Sara emotionally and probably even protecting her career.

Good for him! And good for Sara for finding the strength to be herself.

Are you a Galecki fan? Did this just boost him in your eyes?


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