Kanye West Could Be Headed to Jail

Kanye WestBad news for Kanye West this week. Kim Kardashian's beau may have avoided felony charges for his scuffle with paparazzi a few months back, but his nightmare is far from over. Kanye has been charged with multiple misdemeanors for allegedly attacking a photographer!

And don't let the word misdemeanor fool you; if he's convicted, baby North's daddy could be headed to jail!


The rapper was caught on video back in July, lunging at cameramen. He got a lucky break when the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office declined to press felony charges. But the case was moved over to the city's DA's office.

According to TMZ, the same municipality that brought Khloe Kardashian's husband Lamar Odom up on DUI charges earlier this week has now dropped criminal battery and attempted grand theft charges on Yeezy that carry a maximum sentence of a year in jail!

As if baby North West doesn't have enough craziness in her life right now, now she could have a jailbird for a daddy?

Watch the video of Kanye's paparazzi scuffle -- do you think the charges are warranted?



Image via TMZ

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