Crazy One Direction Fan Allegedly Kills Dog Because They Ignored Her

Warning: the story I'm about to share with you is highly unpleasant. On August 29, a fan using the Twitter handle @illumivato tweeted the British boy band One Direction with the threat, "FOLLOW ME OR I'LL BREAK MY DOG'S NECK." She included a photo of a tiny dog being held down on the floor, someone's hand on its neck. When she wasn't followed, another tweet was eventually sent to singer Liam Payne with the message that the dog was now dead, along with a disturbing photo of a crying girl holding the unmoving dog.

There are plenty of folks who believe this Twitter account -- which is now suspended -- was a hoax, and hopefully that's true. But there's something about the creepy second photo that makes me believe someone really did kill that dog.

Worse, this isn't the first threatening image the fan has posted.


I kind of hate to even speculate about this whole thing, because it's either completely gruesome or a deranged joke, but if you can stand it, take a close look at this photo @illumivato posted:

Maybe the dog is just ... lying there? But to me its little face looks totally lifeless.

I hope I'm just reading too much into a prank and the dog is perfectly fine. The thing that makes me lean towards believing this is a sick hoax account is that there have been other disturbing images posted from the allegedly obsessed One Direction fan, including cats and dogs stuffed into blenders, a gun held to a little dog, and a young boy bound with duct tape. Each photo included a demand that someone from One Direction follow her account.

There's currently a nearly 4,000-signature-strong petition asking for the @illumivato account to be investigated by Twitter, PETA, the police, and other organizations. So far, the accountholder's name and location have not been revealed.

The messed up part of this story is that even if there isn't REALLY a crazy fan who's willing to break the neck of her beloved pet to get a boy band's attention, there's at least a crazy person who's willing to pretend to be that psychotic. One situation is better than the other, I suppose, but either way it's pretty upsetting.

Do you think this Twitter account was a hoax?

Images via Twitter

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