Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Bel Air Mansion May Be the Thing That Breaks Them

Kim Kardashian mansionGood grief. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West visited their new Bel Air mansion yesterday to see how the renovations are coming along -- and that place still isn't close to being done!

A photo was snapped of them standing in the driveway. While it's kind of hard to make out the expression on their faces, they sort of look annoyed to me -- and who can blame them?

They bought the place back in January, and eight months later, they're still shacking up with mama Kris over at the Jenner mansion. And if moving in with her wasn't already less than ideal enough -- you know things have been even more cramped and hectic since baby North West entered the picture. (Can't a girl get her own crib?)


Considering how many months have gone by, it's hard not to wonder what exactly they're doing to this pad. I mean, it's not like it was in shambles when they purchased it, so what the heck is taking so long?

Could it be that they really are installing surveillance cameras all over the place in addition to outfitting the bathrooms with gold-plated toilets? Maybe that's part of what's holding things up?

Whatever the case, Kanye and Kim have to be going out of their minds right about now. At this point, it probably would've taken less time to just build a house from scratch rather than trying to turn this place into their dream home. And since they already shelled out $11 million for it, you gotta wonder just how many more hundreds of thousands or even millions they're pumping into the renovations, bumping up the total price even higher.

Yes, I know they have more than enough cash between them for that sort of thing. Still, they probably could've saved time and money had they either bought a home that fit their needs, or had one custom built.

For their sake, let's hope they at least get to finally move into the place by the end of the year. If they don't, 2014 may not start on a very bright note. The longer they stay with Kim's mom, the better the chance of their living situation driving a wedge between them. And then they'll have to sell the place before ever setting foot in it, which would really suck.

Why do you think these renovations are taking so long?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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