Robert Pattinson & Harry Styles' New 'Bromance' Is Exactly What They Need

Robert Pattinson & Harry Styles

OMG. Are you ready for this one? Supposedly Robert Pattinson and Harry Styles were spotted having drinks together at the Chateau Marmont, and now we're all wondering what the heck took them so long to start up what could be the beginning of a beautiful bromance.

One fan even tweeted that the two of them argued over who was going to pick up the tab -- though it wasn't reported who actually won that little battle. (Huh. Celebs are expected to pay for their drinks? Who knew?)


And I know what you're thinking -- what the heck was Harry doing sitting at the bar considering he's not of legal age just yet? That thought crossed my mind too, but let's get real -- he's Harry Styles, for crying out loud. What bartender in his right mind would refuse to serve this dude? And it's not like he's that young. He's 19, and plenty of 19-year-olds like to get their drink on. Besides, isn't the legal drinking age across the pond 18? (Or did I make that up?)

Whatever, let's get back to main issue here. Um, who else is loving the idea of the two of them being BFFs? Besides being from the same country, they have quite a bit of other stuff in common. For one, they have super famous ex-girlfriends who everyone loves to hate. And they also can't go out in public without crowds of screaming fans throwing themselves at them, so there's that. And they're both extremely good looking and have delicious accents. They could probably team up and pull twice as many models as Leonardo DiCaprio ever could hope to. (Who needs Kristen and Taylor?)

And when you combine those factors, you've got yourself a recipe for a bromance made in heaven. Or Hollywood. (Or wherever.) You guys -- they're perfect for each other! But what should we call them going forward? Ooo! I know. "Styleson." (Love it.)

Do you think Harry and Rob should hang out more often?


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