'Mad Men' Season 7: Creator Matthew Weiner Dishes Series Finale Details

don draper kids whorehouse season 6Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner appears to have ditched the writers' room and put season 7 on hold for the time being. Before you flip out and call the guy a slacker, let me clarify ... Weiner's first feature film, You Are Here, starring Owen Wilson and Zach Galifianakis, premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this week. He's been hanging out with our neighbors to the north and chatting with the press.

Of course, everyone's curious about the flick but also can't help but ask him about Mad Men. And for that reason, it's a good thing he's not holed up, because he revealed some exciting details about what he's worked on so far and what we can expect when the show returns (maybe in April?!) ...


Weiner revealed to USA Today:

I opened the writer's room almost a month ago. I figure out the arc for the entire season first. I've known for a while (how it will go).

While we knew that, he made it sound like this seventh -- and most likely final -- season goes all out, leaving no stone unturned.

I don't want to leave anything on the table. It has its own organic direction.

So vague! "Organic direction"? What does that MEAN? He lets Don and Peggy and Joan and Betty, etc., lead him to the series' inevitably gasp-worthy climax? He spoke in a bit more detail to Vanity Fair:

Right now, I have a new challenge, which is how to end the show, so that is occupying my time.

But, Matt, we thought you had that ending figured out a long time ago ...?! Hmmm ...

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He addressed VF's Q about whether he felt he "used up" that final image of Don looking at his childhood home with Sally, Bobby, and Gene by writing it into the finale of season 6:

I do have a different idea for the end of the series, but I’ll tell you, now that I’m at the bottom of the mountain looking up there, I have thought, “Wow, you idiot! You could have walked away from there.” But it’s an honor to have a challenge like this. And I love that 78 episodes into the series, people are telling me that they think that was the best episode of the show. How did that happen? I am lucky to have an audience that is invested. For me, the real pressure is living up to what those people expect. I do have an ending that is different than that, and hopefully when the series will be over, they will see it as another step in [Don’s] development.

Love that it sounds like what we want as fans and how we'll react to the show really is important to Weiner. He expressed to EW.com:

I went through this before with The Sopranos, and I can tell you that the audience is certainly more in your mind than it ever was.

Sounds like a good sign to me!

What do you think Matt Weiner has up his sleeve for the end of Mad Men?


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