Scarlett Johansson's Relationship With Fiance Sounds Far From Perfect

scarlett johansson romain dauriacGoing from Ryan Reynolds's wife to divorced to engaged to boyfriend Romain Dauriac over the course of the last five years, Scarlett Johansson may feel like she's been on a romance roller coaster. But she seems to have come off of the ride stronger than ever. The actress, who stars in the new flick Don Jon with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about a porn addict who dates a woman obsessed with romance films, opened up to E! recently about what she's learned about conflict in love ...

She admitted, "We all are guilty of holding our partner or our imaginary partner up to these standards that are sort of impossible to fulfill. It would be much easier if the people we fell in love with behaved the way we wanted them to!" 

'Course that's raaarely the case! Ha. So how has she made peace with that?


ScarJo confessed:

I've learned over time that what makes life interesting, relationships interesting, are the complexities of relationships and people and the fact that we can become more evolved ourselves if we are forced to compromise and accept the differences amongst one another.

She is so, so right! Whether it's from movies or even conversations with our girlfriends, we're so brainwashed into thinking that life and relationships have the ability to be "perfect" and predictable, and a solid relationship means being in harmonious sync with your partner 24/7/365. Puhhleeez! The faster we learn that's BS, the better -- and the faster we embrace the rough patches that come with the territory of living alongside another human being, the happier we'll be overall!

I agree also that being able to work through your differences is a boon for us as individuals. Being in a healthfully complex relationship totally lends itself to helping you evolve, mature, have an even more enlightened perspective, etc.

Case in point: ScarJo! She sounds more sophisticated, grown-up, healthier, and happier than ever. Which I would think makes it safe to assume her relationship with her future husband Romain isn't necessarily always easy ... but sure is rewarding.

Do you agree with Scarlett that accepting the differences you have with your partner is better for your relationship -- and for you?


Image via Pascal LeSegretain/Getty

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