Robert Pattinson's Latest Actions Say He's Still Got Kristen Stewart on His Mind (VIDEO)

robert pattinson, twilight, kristen stewartRobert Pattinson may claim that he's not worried about a thing these days, but his actions tell another story. The Twilight star was left reeling after he split with longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart. Their relationship wasn't without its fair share of bumps (some of which Kristen made up against director Rupert Sanders), but that doesn't mean its ending was any easier.

Kristen basically fled the country to escape their breakup by going to shoot a movie in Berlin. Rob's tried other tactics. He's shot a high-profile campaign for Dior and he is slated to star in a biopic about James Dean (me-ow)! On top of all of that, he's also recently bought his own home.


Telling a reporter that he's not worrying about anything and "going with the flow," Rob has been pouring his energy into working on his new house. Funny, for a guy without a care in the world, a little household DIY seems like the perfect way to distract yourself from your real world problems.

It's almost as if Rob can't sit still. He's talked about wanting to take on more physical acting roles. It sounds like he's got a lot of nervous energy to burn. That isn't the usual mindset of a man who is floating through life without a care in the world.

Do you think Rob's still hung up on Kristen?


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