Kanye West ‘Rants’ About Making Good Music & Not Caring About the Money -- Right On! (VIDEO)

kanye westOh God, this headline again? Kanye West Another Epic Rant He's Crazy, bla! Bla! Bla! So he's had a few angry outbursts at the paparazzi. So he's proclaimed himself God a time or two. I'm sure he meant that metaphorically, and anyway, at least he's never boring. But it's gotten to the point now where any time Kanye says anything with passion, we have to go and call it a rant. Like this speech he gave at a listening party in Brooklyn. Okay, he's shouting, and he admits he's just had some Grey Goose. But it's not a rant. It's a sermon, people! Can't you tell he's preaching? Let's hear what he has to say.



To summarize, don't just make music for money. Make good music out of love and you'll turn out your best work. Don't be a sellout. Putting numbers on the back of a shirt makes for inferior design. Camouflage prints are so over.

Okay, he lost me with the numbers on shirts bit. And yeah, that part about making money is a bit rich coming from someone who's gotten, you know, rich off making music. But I get his point. Kanye has a history of struggling with record companies to protect his artistic vision. Maybe he's overly intense and his behavior is often inappropriate, but my sense is that he's totally sincere about trying to make the best music he possibly can and not caring as much about what's going to sell or be a huge hit.

Anyway, you know if this were a clean-cut white guy in a button-up yelling on an actual wooden soapbox at a country club luncheon in a romantic comedy, people would be up on their chairs clapping. "W00T Skip (as played by Ryan Reynolds) you tell it to your stuffy corporate lawyer father-in-law!" But it's Kanye, so we have to dismiss him as a drunken clown. All he's doing here is encouraging his fellow artists to do their best work.

What do you think of Kanye's speech, rant, whatever this is?


Image via PJaYOfficial/Flickr

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